Bible Desktop is an open source Bible study tool running on Java. Preinstalled Bibles: AKJV, BBE, KJV, NHEB, WEB. This application has access to more works through the CrossWire Bible Society JSword Project. View different Bibles in parallel and compare Bible versions with "Show Differences."

Strong's Numbers, headings, notes and the Passage Sidebar can be turned on and off. Verses automatically start on new lines, fonts and font sizes are easily changed and tabs are automatically given names to match a search. When adding modules not already included, you'll have to index them before you'll be able to search.

Bible Desktop

Bible Desktop is free and open source software licensed under GPL. The JSword project's libraries are licensed under the LGPL. Learn more at Bible Desktop's Crosswire Homepage. See the Bible Desktop Online How-To Guide and download the [PDF] Manual.

Wide Margin

Wide Margin is an easy to use tool for studying the King James Version Bible. Wide Margin features a very simple interface, an "as you type" search (verse, chapter and book), filtered searching by book, verse highlighting, unlimited continuous scrolling and daily reading plans. If only the King James Version will do - this app is for you.

Wide Margin

Wide Margin is free and open source software licensed under GPL. Wide Margin in the Ubuntu App Directory.


Xiphos features fast indexed searching, simultaneous multi-book searches, tabbed display and has access to the CrossWire Bible Society SWORD Project, Bible.org, and it's own Xiphos Repository. Originally developed for GNOME (in fact, it was formally known as GnomeSword), Xiphos also works well with the LXDE Desktop Environment.

Strong's Numbers are shown below the text (instead of after it) with the mozembed rendering engine. Prayer lists, journals, and commentaries can all be saved as modules and shared with others.


The C4C Lubuntu ReSpin includes many pre-installed and already indexed (searchable) modules for use within Xiphos: Bibles AKJV, BBE, KJV, NHEB, WEB. Commentaries MHC, NETnotesfree, Personal, TFG. Daily Devotionals DBD, SME. Dictionaries MLStrong, Robinson, StrongsGreek, StrongsHebrew. General Books MollColossions, Pilgram. Maps ABSMaps, EpiphanyMaps, HistMidEast, KretzmannMaps, NETMaps, SmithBibleAtlas, SonLightFreeMaps, eBibleTeacherMaps.

Xiphos is free, open source software licensed under GPL. Learn more at the Xiphos Bible Guide Homepage. Read the Xiphos Bible Guide Manual.

Verse is a command-line utility to display a daily devotional verse from the King James version Bible. Verse calls up a selection of 365 Bible verses stored in a text file that is tied to the date your computer shows. Access the KJV Bible verse of the day any time through LXTerminal. Simply type: verse[Enter] or [return]. Debian package listing for Verse.


Diatheke is mainly used as a back-end to allow other applications to pull material from the SWORD Library. Technically, it's a front-end to the library. Diatheke can output GBF, ThML, RTF, HTML, OSIS, CGI, and text. Access Diatheke through LXTerminal. Type diatheke[Enter] or [return] to get usage info. Diatheke is free, open source software licensed under GPL. More information availabe from CrossWire's Diatheke page


Bible Education Apps
(not included, but possibly useful to you)

Alkitab, like Bible Desktop, runs on Java and uses the JSword project engine. Bibledit for Bible editing and translation and interfaces with both BibleTime and Xiphos. BibleMemorizer helps Christians memorize verses with fill in the text box quizing of the verses they choose.

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