Christian Music

After the Chase After the Chase Make Me New You Are My Child
After the Chase - Run
Make Me New - We Wait
You Are My Child - Change Me
You Are My Child - Slow Down

Hot Potato Soup ApologetiX
Hot Potato Soup - Lived the Day You Died
Hot Potato Soup - Too Pregnant
Hot Potato Soup - Lock
Hot Potato Soup - Man on a Cross

Beth Champion Mason All I Have Just a Glimpse Postcards
All I Have - All I Have
Just a Glimpse - Just A Glimpse
Just a Glimpse - Remember This
Postcards - Postcards

With Love Brenda James
With Love - Not Too Late
With Love - So Amazing
With Love - With Love

B-Shoc Against the Flow Shoc the World
Against the Flow - Christ-Like Cruisin'
Shoc the World - Helicopter
Shoc the World - 2 Deuces in the Air
Shoc the World - Dance Dance Dance Dance

Songs for the Searchers The Solitude (Single) Chad Overman
Songs for the Searchers - Go Far, Go Wide
Songs for the Searchers - Hallelujah
The Solitude (Single) - The Solitude

Christ Our Life Christ Our Life Living Sacrifice
Christ Our Life - O The Grace That Saves
Christ Our Life - Who Is Like The Lord
Christ Our Life - Your Loving Kindness
Living Sacrifice - Fire of God

Our Melody EP Ethos Worship
Our Melody EP - Good to Us
Our Melody EP - Lead Me to You
Our Melody EP - My God

Faithland For Eternity
For Eternity - A Heart Like Yours
For Eternity - More Than Everything

Awake Shine EP KC & Julie Clark
Awake - Flee
Awake - Lift Us Up
Shine EP - Let It Rise Up
Shine EP - Shine

Mike Ellis HaLaLu (Single) Hope Went Contagious (Single) Joy in the Place (Single)
HaLaLu (Single) - HaLaLu
Hope Went Contagious (Single) - Hope Went Contagious
Joy in this Place (Single) - Joy in this Place

Beyond Your Dreams No Limits Morris Mott
Beyond Your Dreams - Too Many Old Devils
No Limits - Me And My Jes~Us
No Limits - No Limits
No Limits - Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Perry and the Poorboys Half Way Around
Half Way Around - All I Am
Half Way Around - Happy Beach
Half Way Around - Lord of Me
Half Way Around - Where Will You Sleep Tonight

Sacred Sketches Vol 1 Sacred Sketches Vol 2 Pete Buchwald
Sacred Sketches Vol 1 - When I Hear Your Voice
Sacred Sketches Vol 2 - Mercy and Grace (feat. Tommy Glass)
Sacred Sketches Vol 2 - You Have Shown the Way

Reverent Worship His Name is Loved
His Name is Loved - Abba Father
His Name is Loved - Deeper
His Name is Loved - Reason To Praise

Christmas Fight for Love Simple Worship Scott Krippayne
Christmas - Silent Night
Fight for Love - Voyage
Simple Worship - Steadfast Love

The Indelible Project Glory to Glory
Glory to Glory - Glory To Glory
Glory to Glory - Satisfied
Glory to Glory - We Will Not Fear
Glory to Glory - You Are Here

Jesus Music Box Taste and See Yancy
Jesus Music Box - Not Ashamed
Jesus Music Box - You Are Everything
Taste and See - Taste and See

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Audio Bible [WEB]
Audio Bible This is an MP3 version of the World English Bible (WEB); a public domain update of the American Standard Version of 1901 to modern English. Each chapter is it's own MP3. The WEB Audio Bible is Copyright © 2005 AudioTreasure and is re-distributed by Computers4Christians with their written permission. Bible book icons are from overviewbible.com The WEB Audio Bible may be legally copied in whole or in part and given to others for non-commercial use.

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Gospel of & John 1, 2, 3
Gospel of John, and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd John Teachings (73 MP3s) As read and taught, in order, over 73 Sundays by Pastor Shaun Sells of Calvary Chapel Cheyenne. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Unauthorized duplication of this product is encouraged. No rights reserved whatsoever, so spread the Word. "Freely you received, freely give." (Matthew 10:8)

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Admirers and Disciples
53 [Gospel-Cube]
Admirers and Disciples
Blessing or Cursing
Genesis 2
Blessing or Cursing
Genesis 2
Distance Between Heaven and
Love Letter
Distance Between Heaven and Hell
Love Letter
Reason to Live The Lord's Prayer
Reason to Live The Lord's Prayer
Ten Shekels and a Shirt The Names of Jesus
Ten Shekels and a Shirt The Names of Jesus
True Faith The Problem
True Faith The Problem
We Will Meet Again Psalm 23
We Will Meet Again Psalm 23
What Must I Do To Be Saved Psalm 121
What Must I Do To Be Saved Psalm 121
Wonderful News Walk-28
Wonderful News Walk-28
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Which Way to Heaven

Which Way to Heaven

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Believe includes "Who is Jesus?" and the "New Life in Christ" series. These PDF files (over 150 pages total) were translated to English and distributed by New Life Discipleship and Camino Global in Dallas, TX.

Disciple includes the "Discipleship" series in PDF (over 180 pages total) from the The Discipleship Ministry in Pukalani, Hawai`i. These well thought-out lessons are meant to ground Christians in their Faith. Disciple PDFs

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