12 Apostles

12 Apostles is really two games in one; 12 Apostles Quiz and 12 Apostles Memory Game. When done with one (or at any time), the user may click the ‘Top Page’ button to return to the main screen.

12 Apostles

Quiz: The player tries to figure out which mystery apostle the game is describing by matching clues to the correct name and caricature likeness. This portion of the 12 Apostles game tests existing knowledge and teaches quick facts about the twelve.

12 Apostles Quiz

Memory Game: 24 fish cards bearing the same caricatures of the apostles on the other side; two cards per apostle. The player flips two over two cards in each turn to try to find matching pairs.

12 Apostles Memory

The 12 Apostles Quiz and Memory Game is © copyright 2006 by MMBOX PRODUCTION and used by Computers4Christians with expressed written permission.

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Bible Knowledge Games
Bible Knowledge Games are a set of 8 Jeopardy-type, grid-style, point-value games, designed primarily for group play (a human scorekeeper is needed).

Bible Knowledge Games

The user clicks on a category 100, 200, 300 or 400 point link to reveal a Bible question along with a 10 second countdown. When the counter reaches 0, the answer screen automatically appears.

BKGs Game Board

If more time is needed, the counter can be re-started by hitting "Refresh" before the counter reaches "0." If less time is needed, the answer can be immediately revealed by clicking the "Early Answer" button.

BKGs Sample Answer

Clicking "Back" sends the browser to the Bible Knowledge Game board. The point link for the question just answered (100, 200, 300, or 400) will have disappeared. The game board is reset by clearing browser history and refreshing. Bible Knowledge Games (BKGs) are free software under the GPL.

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Bible Verse Maze Quest
Bible Verse Maze Quest is a series of 10 games from the creator of Team R.H.I.N.O. Zone and the ArmoQuest Adventure Series. The player chooses from 4 Bible versions (NIV, KJV, NASB, NLT) to be tested with.

Bible Verse Maze Quest

The Team R.H.I.N.O. character is navigated through maze-like rooms, bridges, fortresses, etc. with mouse or trackpad movements while answering Bible questions to collect treasures, tools, and other items. Hitting walls and barriers reduces the score, but answering fill-in-the-blank Bible verse questions (correctly), raises the score.

Bible Verse Maze Quest

R.H.I.N.O. stands for Righteous Heroes Inspiring Noble Obedience. To be a R.H.I.N.O. is to be a Christian who strives to always do the right thing and to live in such a way as to encourage others to love God and to obey His Word.

Bible Verse Maze Quest

Bible Verse Maze Quest (BVMQ) is © copyright 2012 RhinoPrints and is used by Computers4Christians' with expressed written permission.

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Flash Bible Games
Flash Bible Games are designed to provide a fun learning environment to help Christians of all ages to get better acquainted with the contents of each book in the Bible. Many different types of games are included with this extra large collection of 117 Flash Bible Games.

Flash Bible Games

Game Types:
Action Level, Action Timed, Bible Challenge, Bible Jeopardy, Bible Kids Challenge, Bible Squares, CLUE, General Bible Knowledge, General Bible Knowledge for Kids, Bible Squares, Flash Pick, Wisdom - even snowboarding!

Flash Bible Games

Questions are randomly selected from level to level for each game and players encounter new and repeated questions as they play again and again. The repeated questions help reinforce learning while new questions keep interest high.

Flash Bible Games

Flash Bible Games were created by Dr. Dan Lim and are used in the Computers4Christians' distribution with his expressed written permission.

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Fun Bible Stuff
Fun Bible Stuff is a great collection of 24 Christian items for children (mostly games) from funbiblestuff.com

Fishing for Judges

Bible Bookshelf (Old and New Testament), Genesis Tic Tac Toe (4 games), Raining Words Ten Commandments, Where Was it Said in the New Testament, Picture Reveal Old Testament People, Spin the Wheel  (Old and New Testament),

Moses Drag Racer

Categories (Genesis, Exodus, Judges & Kings, Prophets), First to Last, MapQuest (Old and New Testament), Bible Moses Drag Racer, Gideon Surround the Camp, Samson Soccer, Fishing for Judges and Finding King Saul.

First to Last Picture Reveal

You may use, copy, and share however many of the Bible Fun Stuff items you wish.
Just please do not attempt to sell any of them.

C4C has been given permission to include the above Christian Games by the developers themselves. Please be respectful of copyrighted material.

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